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Giving back to the Community

At The Grind Kitchen and Bar, we love being your local and being a part of the Wellington Hockey Community! There are a few ways that we can offer support to our local sports teams/clubs, community groups, and/or school fundraisers. Below are a few of the sponsorship options that we can provide to support your team/club.


Flick us a message if you would like to discuss other possible sponsorship options.

Sponsorship Options Available

Player of the Day Certificates

We can provide awesome player of the day certificates / vouchers that can be redeemed at The Grind Kitchen and Bar. Bring along your fellow teammates and celebrate together after your match. Get in touch for more details on how your team/club can become part of this player of the day initiative.


We can also offer vouchers for your local community fundraiser or event. These vouchers are decided on a case by case basis. Let us know in an email what the event is, who benefits, and number of attendees and we will see what we can do!

Club / Team Merchandise

We can provide a range of different The Grind Kitchen and Bar branded club or team merchandise such as playing/training kit, after match shirts etc. Get in touch and ask about our options for your team to see if you qualify!

Sponsorship Enquiry

Get in touch via the contact form or flick us an email to talk about sponsorship options for your sports team/club or community group!

Thanks for submitting!

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